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Welcome to Helo World, a DCS public server exclusively dedicated to helicopter operations. It is designed by our best mission designers and scripters at BlackSharkDen, a virtual squadron operating DCS helicopters only in a cooperative environment since 2016. This server offers a wide selection of rotary wings operations that are regularly flown internally at Black Shark Den, minus the milsim part. Since you are reading this, you most likely already joined our BSD Discord Server. If not, we strongly encourage you to do so as this is the place where you will be able to get all the latest updates, technical support, and discussions with plenty of RW fanatics. From semi-casual simmers to real life professional military helicopter pilots, Helo World has a little something for everyone.

Before taking off, please make sure you read at least the Server Rules and the Quickstart pages. This will give you an idea of what to do and where to go on Helo World. If you want to do more than just scratch the surface of this server, take a few more minutes and go to the advanced sections of this wiki to enjoy the full depth of all the RW activities available. At Black Shark Den, we take pride in offering meaningful and challenging missions for all helicopter types in DCS in a cooperative environment, free of fixed wings aircraft.

Helo World by BlackSharkDen requires the Syria map DCS add-on by Ugra Media and the latest version of DCS World. Of course, you will also need to own at least one DCS Helicopter module. Helo World also supports the UH-60L mod by Kinkkujuu. No Mods are required on this server. Finally, for radio communications, Simple Radio (a.k.a SRS) is used with a dedicated SRS server that will automatically connect your client when you are joining the Helo World server.

Helo World by BlackSharkDen is NOT a progressive campaign. Certain areas have some persistence between server restarts (every 5-12 hours, depending on activity). If you are interested in the progression of a persistent campaign, BlackSharkDen is offering this experience to its members internally with a more mil-sim oriented setting. BlackSharkDen would be happy to welcome you as a new BSD pilot in the squadron. Helo World by BlackSharkDen is NOT a PVP (Player vs Player) server. Killing other players will result in a server ban (see SERVER RULES).

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