Counter insurgency (COIN) operations refer to military, paramilitary, political, economic, psychological, and civic actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency. Insurgency is a form of armed rebellion against an established authority, often characterized by guerrilla tactics and aiming to weaken and destabilize the government. COIN operations are complex and multifaceted, involving not just combat operations, but also efforts to win the “hearts and minds” of the local population. This includes building local governance structures, providing services, and improving economic conditions, all aimed at reducing the appeal of the insurgent cause.
The strategic focus of COIN is typically on the population rather than the enemy, seeking to isolate insurgents from their base of support which involves both direct and indirect methods to address the root causes of the insurgency, and foster stability and security.


The COIN Ops system at BSD is a mission generator that is designed to handle single pilots, as well as up to 4 groups of multiple pilots, with no limit to how many pilots can be in a single group. The system tracks pilots aircraft, the state of the pilot/group, and the ongoing task. It has automatic resume functions to keep your tasking active if you crash your aircraft or your game crashes to desktop, and has automated cleanup functions for taskings that have been abandoned for more than 15 minutes.

Scattered around the COIN AO are random encounters of armed insurgents. This could be anything from one or two DsHK armed technicals to a BMP-1 or a mobile ZU-23 AAA. Some of the insurgents are stationary, holding positions with a sizeable amount of infantry and a few veicles. Other insurgents are patrolling and have advanced AI capabilities to react to your presence. Be aware of your surroundings as they will chase you down if spotted!

To access the COIN Ops system, you must be in an aircraft eligible for the taskings. In Helo World, these are all aircraft situated at the permanent FARPs in the Golan Heights (slots prefxed with zFARP in their name).


  • To start a task, either join a group if you intend to fly with others, or select Begin Solo Flight.
  • Choose Select Tasking from the same menu and pick the one you want.

Please Note: [TRANSPORT HELO TASKS] are made specifically for lift aircraft such as the Mi-8, UH-1H, and UH-60L. You must have at least 1 of those airframes in your group for them to work.

  • Once you have selected your tasking, you will be given a short briefing explaining your tasking and goals. You can now work to complete it. Review the tasking at any time by selecting REPLAY TASK DETAILS

Some taskings have radio commands such as Halt/Resume for the convoy escort. These can be found under [TASK COMMANDS] If you need to cancel the tasking, you may do so at any time using the Cancel Tasking option.


A friendly convoy requires an air escort to its destination. It will likely be ambushed by enemy infantry and possibly vehicles. The number of ambushers increases with the amount of friendly aircraft providing the escort. Approach within 2km of the friendly convoy to get them started. You may use additional [TASK COMMANDS] to Halt and Resume the convoy, as well as mark their position using Flares or Smoke.


A friendly element needs to remain stationary for a set amount of time (15-20 min). They are vulnerable to enemy assaults during this time and require an airborne security element to remain on station for the duration of their activity. Expect enemy assaults from any direction during this time. The number of enemy scales with the amount of aircraft in the group.


An enemy target is hidden within a provided 10km x 10km MGRS square. Using the details provided in your tasking, search for and eliminate all elements of this target. The amount of enemy resistance at each target will scale with the number of participating friendly helicopters.


The enemy has control over some sort of location or facility. To regain control, conduct an air assault using ground forces. There will be enemy resistance that scales with the number of participating aircraft. The number of troops required to capture it is scaled by transport aircraft type and how many are there (ie, 1x UH-1H and 1x Mi-8 will require 24 troops). Drop the troops within 2km of the center of the assault area (this is where the label is) and they will assault the target automatically.


Logistics chains are the blood vessels that keep a military operation alive and operating effectively. Transporting troops, ammunition, fuel, and equipment in combat areas is of no exception to this need. You will be given a quota that must be fulfilled. The quota scales with the types and numbers of transport helicopters in the group. Deploy the requested items anywhere within the yellow circle.


Friendly troops somewhere in the AO are pinned and outnumbered. It is up to you to get them out of that situation. Expect enemy contact. The strength and numbers of enemy scales with the number of helicopters in the group. The number of troops requiring extraction scales with the types and numbers of transport helicopters. There is no need to eliminate all enemy forces so try clearing a path in and out and avoid the rest if possible.

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