Black Shark Den uses the MOOSE Ops.CTLD and Ops.CSAR frameworks to handle troop transport and logistics. If you are not familiar with this system, you use the DCS Radio Menu to control the logistics on your end. You can get different types of troops to transport in the troops section. You can also get different crates that may be built into structures and ground vehicles at your destination. Ops.CSAR will automatically create a pilot who can be rescued when a friendly aircraft crashes or ejects. Aircraft with passenger seats can transport a limited amount of these downed pilots and bring them back to the nearest Airfield or FARP.

CSAR is fairly straightforward to use. When a friendly aircraft crashes, a Downed Pilot will be created looking for rescue. It will be given a beacon you can home to using ADF and shows as an infantryman on the map.

To rescue the pilot, simply fly to its location and land nearby. The pilot will run to your aircraft and get in as long as you have at least one seat available. Alternatively, you can also hover over the pilot to pick it up.

Once the pilot is on board, land at any friendly FARP or Airfield and it will get out automatically.

In your radio menu, go the F10.Other then CSAR menu:

LIST ACTIVE CSAR: Lists all CSAR pilots waiting for rescue including their bearing, range, and ADF frequency

CHECK ONBOARD: See if you have any CSAR pilots on board

REQUEST SIGNAL FLARE: Have the closest CSAR pilot fire a flare above its position

REQUEST SMOKE: Have the closest CSAR pilot deploy a smoke marker

In order to get crates or troops with CTLD, you will need to do so within a pickup zone. These will typically be marked in the briefing of the server or mission you are participating in so reference that to find out where to get supplies.

If you are inside a pickup zone, you will be able to load troops directly into your aircraft. You can also request crates be brought out to you. They will spawn in front of your helicopter and you can load as many as your aircraft can handle.

If you drop troops inside a pickup zone, they will not drop on the ground, and will instead be consumed by the zone as they are “returned to base”.


The meat & potatoes of CTLD is troop transport. A selection of infantry groups are available for transportation in CTLD and may vary based on the server or mission you are on. The amount of troops you can carry is limited by the number of seats in your helicopter. If you are getting a new group of troops from the LOAD menu, you must have enough seats for the ENTIRE GROUP. Check out the AIRCRAFT LIMITATIONS in this briefing for more info on that. Deployed troops will automatically move toward the closest enemy group within 2km of where they were dropped. See the wpzone section for info on how to override this.

In your radio menu, go the F10.Other > CTLD > Manage Troops:

LOAD TROOPS: This page if for getting new groups from a pickup zone.

DROP TROOPS: This page is for deploying troops in the field or dropping them off at a pickup zone

EXTRACT TROOPS: This selection will extract any troops in the field within 200m of your helicopter

Anti-Tank x4 4x Infantry RPG-16 800 kg Anti-Armor
Infantry x8/x4 8x/4x Infantry M4 800/400 kg Capture sectors
FPV Drone 1x Infantry M4 + 1 FPV Drone station 250 kg Scans a 10km radius over time and reports targets
Mortar Team x5 4x Infantry M4 + 1x 2b11 120mm mortar + 1 Mortar spotter 1000 kg Indirect fire
JTAC x1 1x JTAC unit 150 kg Mark and Lase enemy targets
Zodiac 1x Armed Speedboat 1200 kg Oil Rig missions

On top of troops, CTLD also allows the capability of transporting crates. These can be both internally loaded AND sling loaded. Helicopters are limited by both weight and volume for internal transport of crates so know your aircraft when using these. There are two kinds of crates. Standard Cargo which may be used by the mission to perform tasks and Equipment which allows deployment of specialized groups in the field.

In your radio menu, go the F10.Other > CTLD > Manage Crates:

LOAD CRATES: This option loads crates on the ground into your helicopter

GET CRATES: When within a pickup zone, this will spawn the crates in front of your helicopter

DROP CRATES: Drop any crates you are carrying in front of your helicopter

BUILD CRATES: Deploys the contents of the crates (equipment only). This takes 40 seconds. It is advised you clear the area before building is complete!

HMMWV TOW (2x) 1x HMMWV w/ TOW 2x 1300 kg ATGM Vehicle
HMMWV MG (2x) 1x HMMWV w/ M2 Browning 2x 1000 kg MG vehicle
ARMOR AMMO (1x) 1x M939 1x 1500 kg Resupplies friendly armor in the AO
ARMOR DEPOT (x6) SUPPLY DEPOT 6x 1500 kg Respawn point for friendly armor
FARP SUPPLIES (1x) FARP SUPPLIES 1x 1500 kg Enable a FARP for spawning, rearm/refuel, and CTLD
Deployable FOB/FARP (6x) CTLD FOB + FARP 6x 1500 kg Creates a FOB for CTLD, as well as a FARP for helos

Building crates with BSD’s CTLD is slightly different than that of default Moose or Ciribob CTLD:

  • When you request a crate from a FOB, you will only receive 1 crate, regardless of the amount required to build.
  • When you build a crate, a temporary cargo unit spawns. This allows the crate to be saved and loaded by persistence scripts
  • When the cargo unit counts reach the amount required to build the item, they will be removed and replaced with the final item

This means that you have to build each crate one at a time. All cargo units must be within a 300m radius of the last crate built to be considered part of the cluster.

Not necessarily related to transportation, CTLD adds a few special tools to your aircraft that you can use in the field: In your radio menu, go the F10.Other > CTLD > Smokes, Flares, Beacons:

SMOKE ZONES NEARBY: This will place a smoke marker on the closest pickup zone near you if you’re having troubles finding it

DROP SMOKE NOW: This menu gives you a few different smoke colors you can drop on your current location. Works both on the ground and in the air!

FLARE ZONES NEARBY: This will fire a flare from the center of the nearest pickup zone for finding it at night

FIRE FLARE NOW: Fire a signal flare from your current position

DROP BEACON NOW: Drop an ADF beacon on your current position for homing to. Beacons have a battery life of 2 hours before they stop working.

A special function for BSD CTLD is the ability to tell your troops where to go using an F10 map marker. This gives pilots control over where their deployed troops will go without needing combined arms or having to do any work after dropping the troops.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Place an F10 map marker on the troop destination
  2. Enter ‘wpzone’ in the text box
  3. Deselect the marker (click on the map)
  4. Deploy troops within 2km of the marker
  5. Dropped troops will move toward the marker
  6. Delete the marker when no longer needed

The amount of troops and crates you can load in the aircraft is limited based on the airframe you are using.

UH-1H 10X 1X 3000 kg
UH-60L 12X 1X 4000 kg
Mi-8 24X 2X 8000 kg
Mi-24P 6X 1X 2000 kg
SA342M or L 2X 0X N/A

Along with various types of infantry teams are specialist infantry groups. These groups use additional scripting to allow them to perform specialist duties and operate unique weapons. There are a few things to note about the specialists:

  • All specialists have a dynamic ‘camouflage’ controller that greatly reduces the chances of them being spotted by distant enemy vehicles. Their visibility increases when they use their weapons, and will be visible when enemy groups are within close proximity.
  • The weapons used by weapons teams will be ‘picked up’ when they start moving, and ‘deployed’ when they stop. Don’t be alarmed if you extract them and the weapon is still on the ground!


A single unit who will mark and lase enemy targets that he has LOS of. Using code 1688, you can launch remote Hellfires at whatever he is painting to engage it. The JTAC will lase units up to 10km away.


The mortar team is a group of 4 operators, 1 spotter, and a 2B11 120mm mortar tube. After dropping the mortar team, the mortar spotter will be added back to your aircraft. Deploy him there or bring him somewhere with better visibility to call in targets for the mortar team.

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