There are a lot of FARPs to take off from in Helo World. In order to spawn there, you need to make sure that they are stocked with supplies via the F10 map.

FARPs tagged with a green resource gauge contain supplies and any aircraft slot there will be open. Slots with a RED RESOURCE GAUGE AT 0% are blocked until some supplies have been dropped there.

Activating the FARP requires delivering at least one (1) crate of FARP Supplies and dropping the crate within the FARP area. A message will be shown to verify you dropped the supplies. If there were no supplies there before, a second message will display indicating the slots have been unblocked. To do so, Helo World uses CTLD from Moose, which is a continuation of the old Ciribob CTLD and has many similarities. CTLD is a script widely used in the RW community as it brings critical functionalities for RW that are missing in DCS. BlackSharkDen has built many layers of functionaity on top of this modular system following the extensive experience we gained in RW operations throughout the years. Check out the complete guide on what you can do with BlackSharkDen's CTLD.

Getting the crates

First, you will need to be at Kiryat Shmona in a utility helicopter to transport the crates (UH-1H, Mi-8, UH-60 or Mi-24P). Depending on the helicopter capability, you will be able to pickup one or more crates at once. Once in a transport helo, make sure you are in the CTLD pickup location at Kiryat Shmona. Open your Radio menu, hit F10 key (or click on) for the “Other” menu, and head to CTLD > Manage Crates > Get Crates > Equipment > FARP Supplies (1x). This will spawn a crate in front of you. Go back to the Manage Crates menu and hit Load Crates to put in in your helo. If your aircraft has more than one crate slot, repeat the process to get additional crates.

Deploying the crates

Once landed inside the FARP area you want to resupply, go back to your radio menu, select “Other” (F10 or click), CTLD > Manage Crates > Drop Crates to drop the crate(s) you have on board. If you are in a valid FARP area and it needs the supplies, all the dropped crates will be consumed and added to the FARP supply. FARPs can store a maximum of 4 supplies.

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